Project 006 Discription of My Animation

December 12, 2007

image of mars village

My animation is about a small village on Mars. The climate is arid and the landscape is like desert. The village has population of 30 – 40, and has 10 houses like pillboxes, 3 warehouses, and a heliport with 2 gas tanks. The flying vehicle is for transporting both people and daily necessaries. The main street is planted with giant succulents, and some cuctasi are around the village. When I was creating this animation, an image of an oasis village in desert was there in my head. 


Project 006 Ideas vol.3

November 23, 2007
  • The landscape of my animation is arid and desert-like, though with some amount of vegetation. I want to represent a landscape with “martian” feeling.
  • The atmosphere has been changed much by terraforming and now it is almost the same as that of Earth.
  • However, the martian climate is still harsh and much like that of desert, with dust storm.
  • The human colony is like an oasis in desert.
  • The plants outside are like those in desert, savannah, and areas above tree line.

Project 006 Ideas vol.2

November 21, 2007

I read the project statement again, and found that I was going in a wrong direction. The animation should describe Mars after terraforming has completed, not the state of several decades after the beginning of terraforming.

These are some nice pictures I found on Internet.

 terraforming.jpg terraforming_01.jpg

Project 006 Image of Martian Village

November 21, 2007

martian village

This collage shows the appearance of a small community on Mars. Residential buildings are short and with small windows and thick wall like a pillbox. Greenhouses supply vegetable. Most of the plants still can’t live outside, and only some species of lichen that have strong tolerance of the harsh condition start spreading on the martian surface. Factories and storehouses provide materials like steel, brick, chemical substances, and so on.  

Project 006 Ideas

November 21, 2007
  • At that time, the martian community still depends much on Earth. A regular flight of space ship goes back and forth between Mars and Earth, carrying people, material, and machines. The base for that is build within the martian community.
  • Some communities are not connected by roadways, because the communies are not big enough to maintain roadways. Offroad rovers and airplanes connect the communities.
  • The contrast between outside and inside of buildings is strong. Harsh outside environment versus comfortable inner paradise, like the relation between outside and inside in Islamic gardens.