project 01a

My assignment is Route 6 Nicholson Dr. The time was around 6 o’clock. I started from the intersection of Nicholson Dr and Brightside Dr, and rode my bike along Nicholson Dr to the end of Nicholson Apartment. I took pictures parallel to Nicholson Dr at regular intervals. Therefore, you can experience my trip along Nicholson Drive virtually.

2 Responses to “project 01a”

  1. bcantrell Says:

    Taizo, I think you could use more variation in your route. The images you displayed were only slightly different and the concept of enclosure is evident but it is mostly either enclosed or not enclosed. Because it is binary in its relationship there are no in between areas to focus on. It would be nice to begin your organization on enclosure but find another element that breaks those two areas down into smaller sub categories.

  2. t4649 Says:

    Thank you for your advice. I think I didn’t understand enough what I should have done at the site. I will go there again to find more interesting features or aspects of the site.

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