project 01b

The idea. Nicholso Dr has two well-planted areas, one is between the campus and Nicholson Apt and the other is along the residential area a mile north from the former. The trees are mainly live oaks. Altarnation of planted areas and non-planted areas creat the most basic rhythm. Then, mixture of varios landuses, such as residence, business office, restaurant, bush, and grass, creat the secondary rhythm. Residences tend to have some planting in front of them, but business offices and restaurants tend to have none, and instead, they have paved parking lots by concrete. Therefore, the texture and the degree of openness are different.

Animation 1 is basically made by converting project 01a into flash. Then I marked some elements and made Animation 2. Blue lines mean commercial buildings, yellow lines mean residences, and pink lines mean signs. Those markings show the mixture of various kinds of landuse and the consequent rhythm and change of openness and texture.

2 Responses to “project 01b”

  1. t4649 Says:

    The rhythm of my video is not the same as the one that I explained above. I should specify the meaning of using different timings. The rhythm of my video and the rhythm of the structure of the space along Nicholson Dr that I suppose shoud be consistent with each other.

    The south part of Nicholso Dr is vast. On the other hand, the north part is more condensed. The change of timing can show this difference by applying longer wait to the south part and shorter wait to the north part.

    Marking skylines may have more meanings, showing the change of openness.

  2. wmuham2 Says:

    I think your hatch is little to dark.

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