Project 02a, the first impression of the site

Yesterday we went around the site with riding bike, took photoes, and did some measurements. The strong cold wind made me shiver, and my nose was running.

We are working on roads, houses, and boundaries of the site, and my part is roads. I got photoes of the roads and measured the widths of them.

I think I can classify the roads by their widths and extents of traffic, and represent the hierarchy among them. The site is edged by I10, Perkins, and Stanford. They are heavily trafficed, and seperate the site from its surroundings. I10 also works as a visual disconnection because of its verticality, and the noise from it is very impressive. Therefore these roads can be classified as the most significant. Morning Glory penetrates the site and considerably trafficed, and can be classified as the second significant. I will also put some sections of the roads on the diagram.

Now I wonder how I can survey the site as an evil artist. I want to find one aspect that I deeply think about, but I’ve not found such an aspect yet… The up and down of the landform of the site was impressive, and the fact that the locations of the houses were strongly related to the elevation from the water level was interesting. The undulation of the land makes the visible areas and invisible areas, and analyzing this might be fruitful. I will go to the site again this Saturday or Sunday to get more from the site.

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