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Project 04a the study model

March 28, 2007

The colors represent different uses: red for bars and restaurants, orange for amusement or recreational facilities, yellow for other commercial buildings like retailors, and white for residences.

Almost all the buildings are 2-storied. They gives the roadsides of Perkins and the open space behind it a sense of enclosure and identity.

picture of the model (plan view) pic of the model (bird’s eye)

picture of the model (perspective A) picture of the model (perspective B)


Project 04a the Illustrator diagrams about my strategy

March 28, 2007

These are the Illustrator diagrams about my strategy.

context diagram

concept plan

I10 design

Project 04a the Statement of My Strategy

March 27, 2007

The purpose of my design is to develop the site as a destination where people can enjoy various activities. The following will work to achieve this goal.

  • Now the site has few amusement or recreational facilities. Infilling more of those facilities is necessary: a movie theater, a community center, and a gallery. These infills will make the site more attractive.
  • Aligning buildings along Perkins and creating continuous facades will give the site a strong character as a commercial destination. This will invite more people to the site.
  • The current pedestrian circulation is poor. It is torn apart into small pieces. A web of pedestrian paths is necessary for people to stroll in the site from one building to another. Now Perkins and I10 cut off the pedestrian circulation. The network has to go across those divisions and be extended to the surrounding residential districts.
  • Now the site and the residential district over across the railroad track is separated. Connecting those two area can bring more people to the site.
  • Now the open spaces and parking lots are scattered over the site. Gathering these into larger units will provide more efficiency, especially when those spaces are used as temporal open spaces.
  • The area under I10 has strong axiality and transparency. This has to be utilized for the site design.

Project 04a the columns of I10

March 25, 2007

The rows of the columns of I10 block the view like walls when the direction of view is almost parallel to them. But when they are seen at a certain angle, they are transparent. I should consider this when I put a station point on one side of I10 and an object on the other side.

Project 04a after the brainstorm

March 23, 2007

At the brainstorm, I learned many things that needed to be considered. I’m going to see everybody’s work again.

The comments I got were as follows:

  • Show the relation between the existing circulation and the new one
  • Dividing the site to several parts according to land use will not work well
  • if I do so, each area needs its own parking lots; the parking lots in the Entertaining Area will be used only at night and the ones in the Retailing Area only in the daytime. Therefore, much space will be wasted.
  • Think about creating a journey through the whole site, not just in a single part of it, overlaying several aspects of the site, and transition from one area to another.
  • A theater can be a good infill.

I agree with these comments. I lacked the sense of scale. The site is small, and dividing it into several parts doesn’t fit it. Mixing all kinds of buildings together with raising the density is more appropriate.