Responce to the readings

A Provisional Theory of Non-Sites says that it is a good way to once get away from the site and represent it in an artistic way, and then go back to the site and understand it in a new way, which we didn’t notice before.

 Zones of Undecidability: The Processed of the Interstitial says it is a good way to “subvert” architecture by using tropes in order to see architecture from a new point of view and break the conventional way of perceiving it. Tropes means using words in unusual ways, and by this we can change the interstitial, which is the relation between two opposite concepts, such as void and solid, container and contents, structure and space, and so on.

This article is about architecture, but what this says seems to be true of landscape architecture. I think this method offers us a new way of getting ideas when we interprete or design architecture, landscape, and others. However, at the same time I feel that this attitude has a possibility to make the total landscape lose unity and be chaotic disorder, lacking a context or common design principle.

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