Project 04a after the brainstorm

At the brainstorm, I learned many things that needed to be considered. I’m going to see everybody’s work again.

The comments I got were as follows:

  • Show the relation between the existing circulation and the new one
  • Dividing the site to several parts according to land use will not work well
  • if I do so, each area needs its own parking lots; the parking lots in the Entertaining Area will be used only at night and the ones in the Retailing Area only in the daytime. Therefore, much space will be wasted.
  • Think about creating a journey through the whole site, not just in a single part of it, overlaying several aspects of the site, and transition from one area to another.
  • A theater can be a good infill.

I agree with these comments. I lacked the sense of scale. The site is small, and dividing it into several parts doesn’t fit it. Mixing all kinds of buildings together with raising the density is more appropriate.

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