Project 04a the Statement of My Strategy

The purpose of my design is to develop the site as a destination where people can enjoy various activities. The following will work to achieve this goal.

  • Now the site has few amusement or recreational facilities. Infilling more of those facilities is necessary: a movie theater, a community center, and a gallery. These infills will make the site more attractive.
  • Aligning buildings along Perkins and creating continuous facades will give the site a strong character as a commercial destination. This will invite more people to the site.
  • The current pedestrian circulation is poor. It is torn apart into small pieces. A web of pedestrian paths is necessary for people to stroll in the site from one building to another. Now Perkins and I10 cut off the pedestrian circulation. The network has to go across those divisions and be extended to the surrounding residential districts.
  • Now the site and the residential district over across the railroad track is separated. Connecting those two area can bring more people to the site.
  • Now the open spaces and parking lots are scattered over the site. Gathering these into larger units will provide more efficiency, especially when those spaces are used as temporal open spaces.
  • The area under I10 has strong axiality and transparency. This has to be utilized for the site design.

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