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Project 04b what I did today

April 21, 2007

Today I thought about the design of the plaza at the center of the site. First I made some parts of the facade of the buildings concaved, then tried to relate the plaza to the uneven facade. I wanted to think more about the design, but I ran out of time. So I stopped thinking about it, and moved on to drawing the plan of the plaza by AutoCAD.


Project 04b the revision of the concept diagram & the site plan

April 15, 2007

This is the revision of the concept diagram.

the revision of the concept diagram

The changes I made to the concept diagram are as follows.

  • A stripe-like plaza is at the center of the site. I extended it by joining other small plazas to it. Thus it now connects almost all the parts of the site, especially both the sides of I10 and Perkins, and enables people to stroll.
  • There are well-planted areas at both the ends of the plaza (the green areas on the diagram) . They work as destinations, or the beginning and the end, and block the view toward or from the outside. Thus they clearly define where the plaza ends, and make the character of the plaza as an enclosed entity clearer.
  • The former diagram was busy with many small bubbles. The revision is more simplified.
  • Stripes of parking were added for the buildings that were right on the north side of Perkins. On the former diagram, automobile traffic was completely removed from the main part of the site. But I now think some amount of parking is necessary right next to those buildings, and automobile traffic doesn’t have to be removed from the area so thoroughly.
  • The triangular area under I10 was a plaza, but is now parking.

This is the site plan.

the site plan (ver. 1)

The colors on the site plan show following things.

  • pink: buildings
  • yellow: open spaces for strolling, including walkways
  • green: open spaces for staying, like parks
  • shallow blue: parking
  • E: existing buildings

Project 04b today’s progress

April 14, 2007

I revised the concept diagram and started drawing a site plan. Now I’m directly translating the functions that the concept diagram represents to the site plan, which is composed of relatively simple shapes. After finishing that, I’ll draw the second version of it, which will be more detailed. I’m thinking of giving a sculpture-like shape to the masses of builings.