Area 5 SketchUp models of Capital City Grill & Shaw Center Phase 2

an image of Capital City Grill

This building is a restaurant located at the north-west corner of Area 5. It contains a cafe called PJ’s at the north-west corner of it. The official website is:

 an image of Shaw Center Phase 2

This building is Shaw Center Phase 2, located on the south-east corner of Area 5. The part with black facades are already in use, but the other part is not used now, and the construction has not begun yet.

When I was making the facade textures of the buildings, taking nice photos was difficult because the street were narrow and many trees and cars were in front of it. So first I scewed the photos perspectively and then copied and pasted some parts of them again and again to get good facade textures. On site I measured the length of the sides of the buildings by counting the number of paving materials such as bricks and joints of concrete, and when those units were not available I paced them off. When I was modeling the basic structures of the buildings, I made a hierarchy of groups, like one group contained some groups and then each of those subordinate groups contained some other groups.  This prevented each part of the whole model from sticking to each other and made it easy to manage them when I changed them later.

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