Project 002 Dirigible

a jpeg image of the dirigible model

I chose page 180 paragraph 1 and built a model of the dirigible. The paragraph describes the size and basic structure of the dirigible, and I built this model based on that description. The command I used most was making a cylinder and scaling the edges of its top and bottom with soft selection. The gas bag, gondola, and the body of the engines were made in this way.

The passage says that the engines are turboprops and they are driven by solar panels. This is a little confusing because usually a turboprop rotates its propeller by its jet engine. I interpreted this that this dirigible has two types of engines: the main engines at the wingtips are turboprops and are mainly used when the dirigible accelerates, and the sub engines under the gondola are driven by solar panels and are used when the dirigible cruises at constant and relatively low speed. 

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