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Project 006 Discription of My Animation

December 12, 2007

image of mars village

My animation is about a small village on Mars. The climate is arid and the landscape is like desert. The village has population of 30 – 40, and has 10 houses like pillboxes, 3 warehouses, and a heliport with 2 gas tanks. The flying vehicle is for transporting both people and daily necessaries. The main street is planted with giant succulents, and some cuctasi are around the village. When I was creating this animation, an image of an oasis village in desert was there in my head. 


Project 005 3d Max Animation

November 4, 2007

frame_0000 frame_0450 frame_0900

My animation is the takeoff of the airship. Inserting a transitional movement between 2 linear movements makes the animation look natural. I used a geosphere to represent the mountains and the sky. Rendering the frames took so long, and after finishing that, I noticed the sub engines rotating in a wierd way. I felt like screaming ‘Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!’ I hope that is not so conspicuous.

Project 004 Martian Flora

October 21, 2007


I think the Martian climate is similar to alpine or desert climate, and I refered to succulents when I was making the models. The plants mutate form the succulents into primitive shapes that resemble the plants on the Earth a long time ago. I first planned to scatter red spikes on the leaves of the weed, but even the computer in CADGIS froze when I did that, so I had to remove the spikes. But the file size itself was not so big, it was about 4 MB, so I guess there were some ways to make the load on RAM smaller.

Project 004 Tutorial Tree

October 20, 2007

the image of tree tutorial

I did the tutorial for making a tree. The twigs scattered on main branches look a little wierd. And so do the twigs of the sample, too. I wonder if there is a way to specify the angle between twigs and main branches radiationally.

Project 004 Tutorial Grass

October 20, 2007

the image of tutorial of grass making

I followed the tutorial of making grass. There were some commands that I couldn’t understand what they did.

  • create>shapes>lines>interpolation>optimize
  • modifier>bend>limit effect
  • utilities>reset Xform
  • scatter setting

My image looks a little different from the sample on the tutorial. Probably I made some mistakes. Anyway, I learned the idea of making ground cover, first making some leaves and then scattering them on a plane.

There was not the “edit stack” icon under “modifier.” I right-clicked the mergin of the window where modifier stacks were listed, and “edit stack” was there on the right-click menu.