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Project 004 Martian Flora

October 21, 2007


I think the Martian climate is similar to alpine or desert climate, and I refered to succulents when I was making the models. The plants mutate form the succulents into primitive shapes that resemble the plants on the Earth a long time ago. I first planned to scatter red spikes on the leaves of the weed, but even the computer in CADGIS froze when I did that, so I had to remove the spikes. But the file size itself was not so big, it was about 4 MB, so I guess there were some ways to make the load on RAM smaller.


Project 004 Sources of Inspiration

October 21, 2007

Agave americana alpine plant 4 alpine plant 1

The features of the environment of Mars is cold, a lack of water, strong sunlight, low gravity, and high wind. I think alpine climate is similar to Martian climate. I searched for some images of alpine plants. Succulents such as Agave americana are on alpine area, and they look martian somewhat. And their fiber can be used for making fabric and their sap can be a material for alcohol. So they can be useful for people terraforming Mars. I’m going to make models of Martian plants from these plants.

Project 004 Tutorial Tree

October 20, 2007

the image of tree tutorial

I did the tutorial for making a tree. The twigs scattered on main branches look a little wierd. And so do the twigs of the sample, too. I wonder if there is a way to specify the angle between twigs and main branches radiationally.

Project 004 Tutorial Grass

October 20, 2007

the image of tutorial of grass making

I followed the tutorial of making grass. There were some commands that I couldn’t understand what they did.

  • create>shapes>lines>interpolation>optimize
  • modifier>bend>limit effect
  • utilities>reset Xform
  • scatter setting

My image looks a little different from the sample on the tutorial. Probably I made some mistakes. Anyway, I learned the idea of making ground cover, first making some leaves and then scattering them on a plane.

There was not the “edit stack” icon under “modifier.” I right-clicked the mergin of the window where modifier stacks were listed, and “edit stack” was there on the right-click menu.